In the News: Ethica Partners with iPORTAL Live 
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In the News: Ethica Partners with iPORTAL Live

January 14, 2021 — Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, the global training and certification institute, and iPORTAL, a new knowledge sharing portal for the Islamic economy, have entered into a partnerhship. Ethica provides iPORTAL with access to the award-winning CIFE and ACIFE programs as well as free resources for learning about Islamic finance.

iPORTAL is a Global Platform focusing on the digitalization of 10 sectors of the $3 trillion Islamic economy. iPORTAL.Live consists of an experienced team with over 100 years in Islamic Finance, Halal Industry, Waqf, Startups, Law, E-commerce, Content Management System, Social and Digital Media, and IT. To address the challenges in the Islamic economy is to build digital inclusion pathways for all the sectors on one platform in a meaningful way for all users to benefit.

Ethica’s Managing Director, Atif R. Khan, said, “When iPORTAL approached us we were already familiar with co-founder Rushdi Siddiqui’s string of successes: Dow Jones Islamic Market Index, Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance, Zilzar, and others. What made a partnership with iPORTAL even more appealing is the possibility of bringing together a fragmented Islamic economy into one location.”

iPORTAL’s Co-Founder, Rushdi Siddiqui, said, “When we started the iPORTAL journey last year, we identified partners we must work with, as they have been committed and contributing to knowledge 'leading' of Islamic finance and banking. Ethica Institute's on-going work of nearly 20 years to knowledge building and sharing is a model case study worthy of 'Harvard Business School.' We, at iPORTAL Live, are both humbled and honored to collaborate with Ethica on addressing the Islamic finance knowledge gap for the interested masses.”

Other partners include AAOIFI, Usmani & Co., Dinar Standard, and others.


AAOIFI officially recognizes Ethica’s award-winning Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) and Advanced CIFE (ACIFE) programs for continuing professional development (CPD) purposes. Further, Ethica grants AAOIFI Fellows exclusive discounts.


Ethica is also an Official AAOIFI Candidate Registration Center for the Certified Islamic Professional Accountant (CIPA) and Certified Shari'ah Advisor and Auditor (CSAA) programs. AAOIFI grants Ethica’s institutional and individual clients exclusive discounts and exemptions through this arrangement. AAOIFI and Ethica also jointly issue co-branded certificates in face-to-face and online training events. To learn more click here

What CIFE and ACIFE Graduates Say...

"Ethica’s CIFE has already opened doors for me..."
 Boyd Ruff
 Esq., USA          


"The course is brilliant."
Mufti Faraz Adam, UK

"I chose Ethica’s certification as it has an excellent reputation in the market and now I understand why. All the different modules cover the most important types of contracts from both a theoretical as well as a practical perspective and are complemented by a lot of clear examples. And the self-paced training permits excellent time management. I recommend the CIFE from Ethica Institute to everybody seriously interested in learning about Islamic finance."
Daniel Rasqui
Director, Product Support and IT, SIX Financial Information, Luxembourg                                                            

"Ethica's program exceeded my expectations. Ethica's certification excelled at offering real world examples and timely tactical instruction in a user-friendly format. I enthusiastically recommend Ethica's program to anyone who seeks to develop an appreciation for and understanding of Shariah-compliant financing."
William R. Gregory
Director, C3 International                                                                        

Read more testimonials (here)

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Couriered to your doorstep at no extra charge, your framed certificate will handsomely adorn your office or study for years to come. Custom-mounted and framed by hand, this beautiful certificate was designed by classically-trained Islamic artists and third-party accredited to comply with AAOIFI, the world’s leading Islamic finance standard.

Ethica is trusted by more professionals for Islamic finance certification. The Institute has trained over 15,000 paying professionals in 160 financial institutions across 65 countries, winning numerous industry awards. Ethica’s Certified Islamic Finance Executive™ (CIFE™) is a globally recognized certificate accredited to comply with AAOIFI, the world's leading Islamic finance standard, and NASBA, the world’s leading Continuing Professional Education (CPE) standard. Ethica also offers Advanced CIFE™ (ACIFE™) certificates in Financial Analysis and Accounting. The award-winning certificates are delivered online or live at the bank.

Ethica's Recent Awards

2020 Best Islamic Finance Education Provider—United States (Cosmopolitan Daily, UK)
2020 Best Islamic Finance Qualification—United States (Cosmopolitan Daily, UK)
2020 Winner for Courses & Trainings UAE (Finance Monthly Legal, UK)
2020 Niche Training Services Provider of the Year—International (ACQ5 Global Awards, UK)
2020 Research and Education Company of the Year—United States (ACQ5 Law Awards, UK)
2020 Best Practice Operator of the Year in Islamic Finance—MENA (ACQ5 Country Awards, UK)
2020 Game Changer Award (Finance Monthly, UK)
2020 Management Consulting Awards (CEO Today Magazine, UK)
2020 Islamic Finance Advisor of The Year (Finance Monthly M&A Awards, UK)
2020 Islamica 500 Prominent and Influential in the Islamic Economy (Belgium)

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