How Jesse Left Riba 
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How Jesse Left Riba

Jesse Reitberger (CIFE, ACIFE) is one of Ethica’s esteemed triple crown students: he has already earned the CIFE and ACIFE Financial Analysis and is now commencing with the ACIFE Accounting. Here is what brought him to Islam and away from riba:

“As the Co-Founder and CEO of Canadian Islamic Wealth, one of Canada's first wealth management firms dedicated to Muslims, I received certifications in Islamic Finance from Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance in 2016 and 2019 and am starting my third certificate soon. I reverted to Islam and joined the faith in 2014 and had nearly a decade of experience in financial services. 

As far as my conversion goes it's all about what makes sense and what allows you to question and think critically. Every major religion has some component of 'just believe' to it. Islam is not like that. It encourages us to think, to question, and to analyze. If we truly think without bias or ulterior motive anyone can see Islam is the truth and the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) brought us this truth.

I worked at several banks and investment firms prior to creating Canadian Islamic Wealth but realized that there was no way to completely avoid bank mandates of interest and fixed income investment products.

When I reverted to Islam I was working in the Financial Services industry and my partner and I were managing close to $60 million. I did some research because someone had mentioned at the bank that “we need Muslims in financial services.” I wasn't sure why so I started to read about it. 

Then it all made sense. How is it fair that people can be enslaved by debt for a huge portion of their lives. How credit cards, auto loans and mortgages can continuously make money and take on very little risk themselves. Plus the examples about Africa where interest charged by countries had crippled these economies. How if you think about it wars have been caused by interest charged on debt. 

I truly believe that almost every major problem that exists in the world can be solved by Islamic Finance. No more crushing debt, no more insane taxes, no more predatory lending, no more payday loans, no more crippling debt for poor countries, and so on. With this knowledge from Ethica I hope to bring more financial solutions to Muslims, from Halal Mortgages to Investments to Halal Insurance options.”

What CIFE and ACIFE Graduates Say...

"Ethica’s CIFE has already opened doors for me..."
 Boyd Ruff
 Esq., USA          


"The course is brilliant."
Mufti Faraz Adam, UK

"I chose Ethica’s certification as it has an excellent reputation in the market and now I understand why. All the different modules cover the most important types of contracts from both a theoretical as well as a practical perspective and are complemented by a lot of clear examples. And the self-paced training permits excellent time management. I recommend the CIFE from Ethica Institute to everybody seriously interested in learning about Islamic finance."
Daniel Rasqui
Director, Product Support and IT, SIX Financial Information, Luxembourg                                                            

"Ethica's program exceeded my expectations. Ethica's certification excelled at offering real world examples and timely tactical instruction in a user-friendly format. I enthusiastically recommend Ethica's program to anyone who seeks to develop an appreciation for and understanding of Shariah-compliant financing."
William R. Gregory
Director, C3 International                                                                        

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